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My P4A video this year! I also talk about the anthology, but I want to get people to pay some attention to Beanstalk, who are a great charity who help support literacy with volunteers!



So in case you’ve been living under a nerdfightastic rock (It’d have to be pretty nerdfightastic to distract you from what’s going on right now), you probably know that today and tomorrow we are in the midst of “The Project For Awesome”. Most of you I expect know what to do and what’s going on. YouTubers from all around the world are making videos about charities, we’re liking, rating, commenting and generally paying these videos attention so that they get up there in the YouTube Homepage’s face. And we’re voting on which of these charities we like the best, so that we can choose where the funds from the foundation to decrease world suck goes.

And just so you know, so far, we have sold 10 copies of the anthology through Amazon, and 4 through Smashwords, and although Smashwords won’t be paying us in time, we have thus far raised $10 through Amazon, which has gone to the foundation to decrease worldsuck, so go us!

But back to the P4A specifically, and I’d like to take this opportunity to support some videos that all focus around a specific cause. The cause of books. If you’re a follower of this tumblr, or if you’re a nerdfighter in general, chances are you love reading and writing and you want to give that ability to as many people as possible. I agree, that would be a most excellent thing, which is why I think we should support the following charities

Books For Kids

Book Aid International

The Book Bus

Books For Africa

First Book

Book Cycle

Reading is Fundamental

Room to Read

Kids Need to Read

Local Libraries

As you can see, there are a lot of reading and book charities out there, all of which more than deserve your support. So get out there, and lets get people reading!

God Bless, Best Wishes and DFTBA

PS. Here again is the anthology link for Kinde and Smashwords.


Brittany Palmer

This nerdfighter posted her charity donation page on John Green’s FB page to get some help for her cause. She’s rowing to raise money for the American Cancer Society. What do you say we go and help her out!


We’re available on Kindle too!

If you search for “DFTBA” in your nation’s Amazon Kindle book section, this is what you shall find. And the good news is, with Amazon, we’re definitely getting the money before December 17-18th, so we’ll be able to contribute directly to the foundation. For every copy of the anthology bought, a dollar is raised. Amazon send payments to us authors for ever $10USD earned, so please go forth and purchase! Thank you so much one and all for being a part of this!

That said, I have a request for you, the Tumblr audience. Reviews! In order to help this anthology receive as large an audience as possible, we need people to be posting reviews on their various nation’s Amazon pages about what they think of what we’ve created. And please, please, please I beg of you, be honest. I don’t want glowing reviews that are just glowing because they’re Nerdfighters, and this is a Nerdfighter project etc. I want this to receive merit because its worth it. If you think it’s not so great, feel free to say so. If you liked some stories, but not others, feel free to say so. And if you really truly loved it, feel free to say so. I really want to see what everyone actually definitely thinks about all this.

God Bless, Best Wishes, and DFTBA


Greetings all! Today’s post comes in two, quite brief parts, so lets get right to it

Part 1: FIRST!

I’m pleased to announce that today, in the contest’s email inbox, I received our first submission. Complete with all the procedural requests I made. For privacy/confidentiality reasons, I won’t be revealing the writers identity, but I just wanted to announce it as I’m very very pleased this has happened! This is the beginning of something much bigger!

Part 2: Where is everyone else?

So far, since the launch of the contest’s eventbrite account, we’ve had ten tickets bought, and that’s including mine. By contrast, we’ve got over 400 followers on this tumblr. Now before I continue, please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not trying to have a gripe here. I’m not trying to say “Blarghhhh! Y U NO BUY TICKTS!!!”. I just want to get a rough handle of how many people are actually definitely planning on taking part, and I want to make sure that everything’s okay.

I know this lack of picking things up isn’t for the traditional reason. There’s a horrible myth about internet charity/activism that says that all it involves is changing your facebook profile picture to show “support” for some cause or other, without actually doing anything of use. The people who perpetuate that myth, clearly havn’t seen or, and they certainly haven’t heard of Nerdfighteria. We know that it takes more than platitudes and pictures to solve the world’s problems, and we’ve taken up that mantle.

I guess I’m just making this post to remind people about everything, and to ask “hey, is everything okay?”. I’m kind of thinking right now that the main reason for this lack of pickup is the same reason my University department gets a lot of essay scripts come in a few hours before the deadline! But still, if you’ve got any questions, or if there’s anything I can do to make things easier, or you need something clarified, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you’re having an issue with the prompt, and don’t want my answer to your question broadcast all over Tumblr, drop me an email

(the address is DFTBA[DOT]Short{DOT}Story(DOT)Contest<AT>inbox[DOT]Com).

If there are lots of you that have problems with the specific date of the deadline (you’re going to be too busy etc) send me a message and I’ll see what I can do. And also, if you’re in the process of working on something, I’d love to hear about that too! It’s encouraging to know that everything’s working.

That’s all for today, God bless and of course DFTBA

PS. If you are wanting to buy tickets, go here


Good morning fellow tumblrers, we’re going two up from the last post as this update comes to you in five parts, lets get right to it!

Part 1: News

So three little pieces of contest news. Firstly, we’re up to thirty six followers on Tumblr, thank you very much to you all! Secondly, we now have a new link location. On the Nerdfighters Ning, if you hover your mouse over the tab button marked “NF Projects” you will see a tab for this project descend, and link you directly here. Thanks very much to the Ningmaster known as “The Lone Wanderer” for his help on that one. Thirdly, the contest now has its own dedicated e-mail address.


This will be important in posts to come. Lets move on.

Part 2: Familiar faces, new roles

Because this is a big project, and because a fair bit of it involves things that I don’t know how to do, there’s going to be one or two other people on board. Today, I’m pleased to announce that Chris Dolman, the man who did the excellent video discussing initial details of the project, to be our head web design man. Although I’m a dab hand with Tumblr, this chap has the much more daunting task of creating our own dedicated web site, specificity for the contest, with specific sections which can only be accessed by people who have submitted their entrance fee. That’s really important I feel, since really, this is as much about charity as it is about writing, and I really don’t want people who are participating who arn’t entering into the spirit of both parts of what we’re about here.

Part 3: Definite dates

So I know that in the last post I said that we were thinking that we’d probably do this from between October 2nd and November 2nd but people have, in discussions on this, said two things to me.

- Why wait so long!

- That’s cutting it a bit fine, isn’t it?

Now originally, the reason I wanted to wait was because I wanted to link it in directly to the project for awesome, and also I was thinking that this was a big project, which would take a lot of organising, and would be very very difficult to get done. But then I stopped and thought, and I realised that there are only really two big obstacles that need to be got over before the contest can start. Getting all the judges sorted, and getting the website up and running.

So with that in mind, now that Mr Dolman is on board and helping us out, I’m pleased to say that I have a definite date for when the contest is going to start. This is going to be the date that the prompt for the contest is revealed, the website is going to go live and when you can start submitting your stories. And that date is…

April 21st!

And the contest will close on…

October 2nd

And the results will be out on…

Well that one’s trickier. It mainly involves how many people will be entering. Hopefully though, it will be before December 17th, and so in time for the Project for Awesome.

Part 4: A contest within a contest

So as I’ve said before, I’d like this to be something that Nerdfighters take part in on every level, as much as is possible. This isn’t just going to be something for people who like writing. Therefore, what I’d like to do is to open up a very important part of the contest to the wider Nerdfighter community, or at least, to a different slice of it. I’d like the attention of anyone interested in…

Graphic Design

We’re looking for people to design the logo for the DFTBA short story contest of 2012. And as far as I can tell, that’s the only real hard and fast rule. The logo has to contain the words “DFTBA Short Story Contest 2012”. Beyond that, we’re pretty free and easy. For contest submission & information, go here

The deadline for this part of the contest will be…

February 8th

Whereupon, I will select a number of the best of the submissions, to be voted on by the wider nerdfighter community. The voting for this will close on…

February 22nd

So that will be the day that everyone knows what the contest’s logo will be

A couple of guidelines. Remember, this is part of the Nerdfighter community, so using images and symbols that Nerdfighteria is familiar with, will be a good route to go down. The nerd hands gesture, puppy sized elephants, french the Llamma etc.

Also, its for charity, so if you could incorperate that, it would be good too. Maybe also use some of the fonts that have been used for other things, or take design ideas from past logos, that sort of thing.

Finally, although the rule is that you must include the words “DFTBA Short Story Contest 2012” in the logo, if you can make a logo that could easily have part of it be made a kind of…icon… a little picture that by itself could be the symbol for the contest, that would be good too. There probably is a technical name for that, I’m not sure.

None of these ideas are hard and fast rules. If you create something great that breaks them all, all the better for us and you. These are just thoughts that I had. I stopped doing graphic design when I was 16, so don’t consider me an expert on that!

Also, one final note, you will be credited, and there is a very very good chance we will ask you to design the front cover for the anthology, when it is released, also!

Part 5: More judges! Nerdfighter judges!

So as you know, we already have two excellent judges lined up! Marcy Collier and Katie Biela, but I’m thinking…more…

Specificity, as one person mentioned earlier in their question, we need some nerdfighter judges. This should be a contest run by nerdfighters, for nerdfighters (although others are of course allowed in). Now I’m still in contact with other groups who themselves are outside the nerdfighter community, but who would be more than eminently suitable for this task, but there is nothing wrong with making this more in house also.

However, we should keep in mind that the role of a judge is one that comes with some degree of authority, and as I’m sure you’ll agree, as editor of a magazine that reviews books, and as an English Lit teacher at one of the USAs best prep schools, Ms Biela and Ms Collier are eminently qualified. The thing is, out there, I’m sure there are plenty of other very qualified people, but for the task of judging stories like this, you really do have to be qualified in some way.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a teacher or an editor. Maybe you’ve read and reviewed many a book for a personal site. Maybe your a well practiced beta reader, who’s helped many stories reach their full potential. Maybe you’ve written a lot and feel you would be well placed to be able to look at others work and tell where its good, where it’s bad and what would make it better. Maybe you’ve got a keen reading eye, and noticed my earlier spelling mistake with “your” and “you’re” etc.

The point is, you are out there, nerdfighter judges! So come forth! We’ll be selecting a total of twelve of you (just like in a real jury) so there are ten spots left. Please e-mail the following address and include a resume/CV of why you think you are qualified to be a judge on the DFTBA short story contest of 2012. Include as much detail as you can. Also, put the word “JUDGE” in all caps as part of the subject line.


The deadline for judges entries will be…

April 8th

After that, the judges will be announced on…

April 21st

When the website goes live.

There’s been a lot of dates in this post, so to clarify with a calander at the bottom here.

January 8th - Opening of the contest for designing a logo, and opening of positions to be in the panel of Nerdfighter judges

February 8th - Deadline for submitting a design for the logo

February 22nd - Last day of voting for which logo design will become the official one for the contest

April 8th - Deadline for submitting a CV/Resume applying for a Nerdfighter judging position.

April 21st - The main, dedicated website goes live, the judges are announced, the prompt is revealed and people can begin entering.

October 2nd - The deadline for the last story entrant.

Hope that has clarified things for everyone! If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

Best wishes, and as always, DFTBA.



So after some expression of significant interest from both the Nerdfighters ning, and the Your Pants forums, I thought that I should set up a Tumblr dedicated to chronicling how we are getting on with the organisation of the first Nerdfighter short story contest. Thus far we’ve got several things discussed and agreed upon, though some of these may possibly change: -

  • This project is definitely for charity.
  • The revenue will be generated in two ways. Firstly by an entrance fee for the contest, and secondly by sales of the anthology containing the winning entrants. All of the money from both of these will be going to the charity that we choose.
  • There will be a first, second and third prize, and then a larger number of stories that reach the accolade of being published in the anthology.
  • The anthology at the end will most likely be an E-book for Kindle and other platforms. Although we would like there to be a physical book published, there is a good chance that doing so would cut far too deeply into the charity revenue.
  • The story length would be somewhere between 1000 and 3500 words.

There are however lots of things still to be decided, namely…

  • Which charities are we giving to?
  • What will the entrance fee be? (off hand, my guess would be between $4-$8 US)
  • Who/How will we be publishing said anthology? Shall we self publish it, or shall we go through Amazon or other means?
  • How will the contest work? Will there be rounds with different prompts, or will there be one prompt and everyone works around that.
  • Will there be any feedback from the judges? Or will we arrange it so that participants can go to a special forum and receive/give constructive criticism and general feedback

There are advantages and disadvantages to various different ways of organising this, and I’ll post about them over the next few days. However, the one thing we definitely need at this stage can be summed up in one word


Until we have people who would be willing to act as judges in this contest, we can’t really start planning anything else. We certainly have plenty of willing participants, but as for people actually who want to read lots and lots of our stories and pass judgement on them as to who is best etc, that’s going to be much much harder. As I myself actually want to take part and write a story myself, it’s really not going to be me, so we need to find some people who would be willing to do that for us. Preferably, people with significant reading/writing credentials. Of course there are John and Hank Green to approach, but they are rather busy with lots of other things right now. So if you know anyone who you think would be apt, or if you are someone who is apt, please get in touch with us! Send me a message here, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to arrange more! In the meantime, wait for more news here.