Greetings fellow Tumblrer writing fans, today’s post comes to you in two exciting parts! So lets be going!

Part 1: Wow! Hello!

So there I was on the evening of the 12th of December, at around six fifteen in the evening, UK time (because…that’s where I am) and a friend was coming over, and we had some things to talk about, but just before he arrived, I thought “I’ll just see how the contest Tumblr is doing” as I hadn’t checked it much that day. My eyes widened massively when from the sixty we had had that morning, I suddenly now saw we were at seventy eight.

About ten minutes after that, we were at eighty three, then ninety one, then ninety five. This perpetual rise kept coming, sailing us well past one hundred. It didn’t really peter out until the following morning, when I found us at two hundred and eighteen. Now we’re at two hundred and thirty three, last I counted.

Naturally, although I had prayed for something like this (as I am a Christian, and being charity, I know that this is the kind of thing God likes) I had to figure there was a specific cause (I believe God does like to work through specific causes). And there was. Thanks to a recommendation from effyeahnerdfighterbooks that was later rebloged by the illustrious effyeahnerdfighters themselves, we now had a whole new massive, made of awesome crowd of Nerdfighters comming over to see what it was we were all about. And from all accounts, they seemed to like it!

So welcome one and all! I am very happy and very amazed to have you all here, and in such great numbers! It’s really very very encouraging and it means we are going to have an awesome contest here!

Part 2: We could use some help!

One or two of the questions that came to me after the sudden flood of new followers, were to the effect of

- Wouldn’t it be awesome if John Green were a judge!

- Couldn’t you publish the anthology through DFTBA (records)?

Now the answer to both of these questions, is of course, yes. It’d be great if John Green was on board, and I’d be amazing if we could publish the anthology through DFTBA records.

I have contacted Alan Lastufka via the e-mail page on the DFTBA records website, and I have sent John Green e-mails once or twice previously, but thus far no avail. Though his website assures me that he reads all the e-mails he receives, he’s been a very busy man lately what with the arrival of TFIOS onto everyone’s bookshelves (for the few uninitiated, that stands for “The Fault In Our Stars”, John Green’s latest novel) and the Tour De Nerdfighting swinging him around the outer edge of the continental US and parts of Canada. Thus, I don’t think I’ll be getting an answer from him for a little while…but we might.

If people would like John Green to be on the judging panel for this contest, and if people would like the e-book anthology to be published via DFTBA records, then I have one suggestion. Tell them!

John Green’s email is johngreenwritesbooks[AT]gmail[DOT]com

DFTBA records can be reached at dftbarecords[AT]gmail[DOT]com

And in both cases if you put “DFTBA SSC!” into the subject line, maybe if they get several E-mails all asking the same thing, we may well get some attention.

Now if people don’t want that, IE they’d rather have other judges or other ways of buying the E-book anthology, I understand. I’m quite fond of these ideas, but I’m willing to bet that some of you arn’t. So this is just something for those who want to do it. Vote with your feet! Or in the computer age, your fingers, I guess. I’m not going to be telling anyone to do anything. But if people would like this, please! Go right on ahead.

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Best wishes, and of course…