Greetings fellow Tumblrers! Today’s post comes to you in four parts, so lets go!

Part 1: Sorry

I know I’ve been away for a little while longer than usual and I’d like to apologise for that. Just to explain though, in addition to this project, I’m also writing a novel, working towards an Mphil, running a series of talks about the Bible, and directing a radio play which I wrote. In short, I’ve got a good deal going on, and while I’d appreciate your understanding, I also understand myself that those things are no excuse for project neglect. Having said that though…

Part 2: Thanks!

We’ve been receiving a steady stream of new followers over the last couple of days, and we’re now up to 313 at last count, so I’d just like to take this opportunity to say a specific welcome to those people who’ve joined in the last few days, and to say to you all that this current lull of activity is not to be considered typical of this blog!

Part 3: Tickets

So it’s been almost 20 days since I released the event of the contest on Eventbrite (if you are wanting to get a ticket, go here) for people to go over and buy their tickets, in preparation for the contest. And thus far we have seen…3…sales. And one of those was me. Now, I’m expecting that most of you are probably waiting until the prompt is released to part with your cash, which I understand, but I’m still a little nervous. So I’m going to make a post after this one, and if you could reblog it/like it if you ARE planning to enter, just so I can gage how many people I can expect to be taking part. If you don’t know if you’ll enter until you get the prompt, I understand, but I should say that the prompt will be very broad and allow for all styles of entry, so you shouldn’t fear being left out in the cold.

Part 4: Content ruling

Last night I was working on putting together the sheet that the judges will use when they look over each story, the categories they will consider, the important elements of the story to value (I will be making a post that reveals the exact detail of this in the near future). However, what I also had to do, I realised, was to ask the question of what the content limitation should be on things like sex and violence etc. I thought about it for a fair while, trying to balance the fact that this is a serious contest with the fact that we also want to make it a fairly broadly appealing piece of work.

So I came down to it, and I decided that the basic guidelines to use would be similar to those of the British Board of Film Classification’s rating systems for a film they would mark as a 15. For more information on exactly what that means, go here. This decision, I felt, struck a balance between allowing the maximum artistic integrity for our writers, but at the same time, limiting the more high end concerns so that we have something here that everyone can enjoy.

I also made a broader ruling which I feel I definitely want to make clear at this point. This contest is NOT for fan fiction. Any story that is found to be using characters or setting or any other elements from another story/franchise without first contextualising it in such a way to make it original, will be disqualified. There is a very simple reason for this. We are, at the end of the day, trying to make something which will be sold. If it’s being sold, it really can’t use others copy written material, not to mention the fact that it already limits your creativity significantly. I know that the community out here can write great stuff of off its own back, so go on! Do it!

That’s it for today, God bless, DFTBA and Best wishes.