Good morning fellow tumblrers, today’s tumblr post comes to you in three parts, lets get right to it.

Part 1: News

So, its been two days since we launched this campaign to organise a short story contest for/with the nerdfighter community, and already there has been significant progress.

  • At time of writing this, we have twenty five followers on the tumblr here.
  • We’ve been featured on the Ning, both on the front page of the blogs section, and the in the discussion and debate section, where we’re talking about the best ways to sort out some of the details of the contest.
  • We have TWO interested judges. Marcy Collier (a blog she regularly contributes to can be found here and her twitter is here) who is a professional critic for the Western Pennsylvania branch of the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators and is the editor of the Golden Penn newsletter, and Katie Biela, an English Literature teacher in one of America’s top ten preparatory schools.
  • We have initiated contact with two other groups of potential judges. I can’t say any more about that at this time, but both are very interesting and I’m very excited about their potential involvement.

This is all very good news, and although there is very much still to do, this is all very encouraging. Please do keep following the news on this tumblr, an please do let any other creative writer friends know about what’s happening here!

Part 2: Charity!

I’ve decided how we are very definitely going to get the nerdfighter community directly linked with this event, in the form of the charity we shall be raising for. I’ve said before that many of the parts of this contest will be submitted to a vote, and what better way to submit this part of it to a vote than to link our proceeds raised directly to this year’s Project For Awesome!

We’ll be donating the proceeds from both the sale of the anthology and the entrance fees to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck. This money will then be part of the collective funds that will be voted on by the nerdfighter community as a whole to decide which charities will be supported that year.

This is, in my view, the best way to make sure that this is a project that all of Nerdfighteria can be involved with in some way. Even if you don’t take part directly, you can still be involved in the decision of where the money goes, by taking part in the Project for Awesome 2012.

Part 3: Possible dates

In terms of dates of the contest, I have some ideas for dates, but these are still very very fluid. Right now, I’m thinking that the contest should begin on October 2nd 2012. AKA DFTBA day. To explain, October 2nd is the first time that we heard the initialism DFTBA on Brotherhood 2.0 (the original incarnation of the Vlogbrothers project). You can see it mentioned towards the end of this video. So on October 2nd, the prompt will be announced and those who have paid their entrance fees will be able to begin writing their stories. The actual opening of the website for people to pay their entrance fees will happen a good deal sooner, hopefully around May-July time, but I digress. Then everyone will have one month, until November 2nd, to write their stories. This will then give the judges just over one month to make their decisions, and would give me and any other organisers, what little time there is left to put together the Kindle anthology, and publish it before the Project for Awesome begins.

Now it should be stressed at this point that everything I’ve just said about dates is NOTHING but a list of guesses. We don’t yet know all of who the judges will be, we don’t know how available they will be, and most importantly, we don’t know how many people will be entering. If say fifty people enter, that will mean that everything I’ve said will probably be quite possible, but if one thousand and fifty people enter, that’s a very different matter. Either way, we’re still very much at the beginning of all of this, so please keep following, keep reading and watching, and more information will be coming to you forthwith!

Best wishes & DFTBA