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Just a reminder, you’ve still got the opportunity to ask questions to our esteemed panel of judges. Given they’ll be looking over your stories very soon, I’m sure you’d like to know lots about them!

So go ahead! What do you want to know?


Greetings fellow Tumblrers!

So I’ve had an idea in my head for a while now about something I thought you all may enjoy, another round of interviews with our judges! But I thought, why don’t we do this Question Tuesday style?

So here’s how it will go. Leave your questions as answers to this post, and some of them will be included in a list of questions sent to all the judges, and then when I get their answers, they’ll come up on this Tumblr.

So, what would you like to know?


Greetings followers! Today’s post comes to you two parts, one much shorter than the other.

Part One: Comic Relief

This is just a very short signal boost for a charity event going on in my country right now. If you’re British, you probably know all about this, comic relief, the red noses, the comedians and other celebrities embarrassing themselves (I think in particular, Tumblr enjoyed David Tennant’s contribution earlier). To anyone who doesn’t know, and you don’t have an equivalent in your country, Wikipedia has a basic primer here. This is just a little message to say that what they are doing, while it might be responsible for a lot of bad television, is also responsible for some really great charity work, and if you have the resources to hand, please do support them. They have a paypal here. Thank you.

Another brief note here, if there are charity events going on in your country on a given day, and they have internet donation systems, send me an ask about it, and I will feature it here.

Now onto part two…

Part Two: Our new judge

Now you may remember that we’ve mentioned some of our judges in a few earlier posts. Here’s a reminder once more

Becky Havens - A student from the Metropolitan State University of Denver, who’s getting her degree in English Writing with a minor in philosophy. You can find her tumblr here

Lies Lanckman - Whose name you may recognise as being credited on the last anthology as being the assistant editor, so she’s got a very keen eye for grammar. She’s a post graduate student from the University of Kent, looking into Gender Studies in 1930s film.

Marcy Collier - A judge who took part in our debut contest, last year. A professional critic for the Western Pennsylvania branch of the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators as well as being the editor of the Golden Penn newsletter (a blog she regularly contributes to can be found here and her twitter is here).

Well I’m pleased to announce, that we’ve got a new judge, and if you love books, and love YouTube, you may have seen/heard of her before. I am, of course, talking about…

Sanne Vliegenthart, often better known as BooksAndQuills!

She’s so very good at what she does, I’d almost say she needs no introduction, but that’s just not true. Not only is she a Guest contributer to LeakyNews, she also does amazing reviews of all kinds of books (from “Twilight” to “A Hologram for the King”, via, “Coraline”, “Three Men in a Boat”, and “Scott Pilgrim” to choose just a few) she thoughtfully considers the subjects of literature, writing, and the kinds of experiences that surround those things, whether you’re studying it or just engaging with it because you love it. I’d really thoroughly recommend you go check out her Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr,, Pinterest and of course GoodReads if your not already (which, given her 31,000+ subscribers, you quite possibly are).


It’s really great to have people like Becky, Lies, Marcy, and Sanne who are so passionate about books being involved in this! Thank you all so much!


We are not finished! If there are any nerdfightastic people out there who feel they have the experience/ability to be a judge for our amazing contest this year, please do email us at


Thank you all in advance

God Bless, Best Wishes, and DFTBA


Greetings tumblrers, today’s post comes to you in three parts!

Part One - Update about the contest

Okay, so the logo design contest has now been going for quite a while. Specifically, it’s been almost two weeks since the prompt was released, and thus the substance of the contest was first mentioned, and it’s been almost one week since DesignersOfTumblr launched their submission page and we could get people’s designs coming in. And so far we have received… zero submissions.

I have to admit, I’m a little confused on this point. Last year, by this stage, we had almost a dozen submissions, but this year we have none? What gives? I have some ideas, mainly surrounding the fact that it’s possible I promised more prominence for the logo designer than was actually given (we said we’d design a website around it until we realised just how complicated that would be), so people don’t trust my enthusing. So to clarify a number of points, here is a few questions about the logo design contest that you might have asked, and might be why people aren’t submitting.

"Do you have to pay to submit?"

No. This is a little pre-emptive, but I can imagine that people might get confused, as you have to pay to enter the story contest, and this is a competition on top of the contest, but to be clear, no. You DO NOT have to pay to submit a design into the logo competition. That part is free. As is voting on the logos.

"Do I have to be a really skilled designer/have design qualifications?"

No. You can be self taught, a hobbyist, or just like mucking around randomly in photoshop/coraldraw etc. Whether or not your design will win is based on the vote we have at the end. There is no quality standard you have to reach before your logo will be considered. All logo designs are welcome.

"How do I draw ‘Applied 21st century research’? What does that look like?"

Just think about things that modern scientists/historians/doctors/archaeologists/sociologists etc might use/have invented and then draw them. Imagine test tubes, clipboards, textbooks, computers, microscopes, centrifuges, airship hybrids, mobile phones, hybrid cars, microfilm scanners… the list could go on. Maybe imagine the French Llama using some of these, or the nerdfighter handsign astride a history textbook with a microscope in the background. Maybe you want to riff-off of the sci-show or crash course logos. Just some thoughts.

"How widely will this logo be used? What credit do I get for it?"

The logo will be used in all of the following places

- On the Eventbrite page for the Story Contest itself

- On the Tickets that will be emailed out

- As the avatar of this Tumblr

- On almost every post made on this tumblr as part of the contest

- In the anthology itself

And I will be asking you to use elements of the logo you create to design a front cover for the final anthology. You will be credited as the cover design artist, and your tumblr/other website will be linked to from this page and regularly promoted.

"Havn’t we only got untill the 18th? That isn’t very long"

We’re talking to the people at DesignersOfTumblr and we’re going to extend the deadline if things continue to be so very quiet. So don’t worry, we’re not going to be sticklers here!

"Why are you asking for our name on the submission page"

So that we can credit you when the time comes to do so. That’s the same reason we need your e-mail etc. We promise not to flood you with Spam or anything like that! However, if enough people dislike the name requirement, we’ll change that policy, and just ask for your email so we can sort out your name later.

I hope that’s cleared up some issues some of you may have had. If I’ve just patronised some of you who already knew all of this, I apologise. I just really wanted to lay some more details down, to encourage people to take part in the contest. A reminder, you can submit your logo designs here and the brief is as follows

“A clear, fun, bright and bold logo, incorporating the themes of Nerdfighteria (the hand sign, French Llama’s, etc), creative writing, and the specific prompt of this year - applied 21st century research (of any/multiple fields). The words “DFTBA Short Story Contest 2013” must be included.”

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

Part 2 - Judges

We’ve got some information on some of the new judges that will be looking over your stories in this 2013 season. Here are their names and some of their credentials

Becky Havens - A student from the Metropolitan State University of Denver, who’s getting her degree in English Writing with a minor in philosophy. You can find her tumblr here

Lies Lanckman - Whose name you may recognise as being credited on the last anthology as being the assistant editor, so she’s got a very keen eye for grammar. She’s a post graduate student from the University of Kent, looking into Gender Studies in 1930s film.

Marcy Collier - A judge who took part in our debut contest, last year. A professional critic for the Western Pennsylvania branch of the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators as well as being the editor of the Golden Penn newsletter (a blog she regularly contributes to can be found here and her twitter is here).

We have one other judge who’s participation is somewhat conditional, based on the number of entries we receive, so I won’t be revealing their details just yet. Although these three are all great, we still need more! Anyone interested, please email


We look forward to your messages!

Part Three: Numbers

A short note to say “welcome!” to some of our more recent followers, and to say that this tumblr now has almost 500 followers! Wowzer! Thank you everyone for being on board. I’m really looking forward to seeing the fruits of this anthology!

God Bless, Best Wishes and DFTBA!


Greetings venerable Tumbling friends. Today’s post comes to you in several parts, so lets get to it.

Part one: Lesson’s learned

In truth, this picture is a little inaccurate, because I don’t feel we’ve made any large scale mistakes in 2012. I prefer to think of it in terms of things we can do better in 2013. Firstly, I think we need to make the whole contest faster. This was partly a mistake on my part last year, but also partly a desire to reach a critical mass in followers, so that when the prompt was released, it’d be an exceptionally monumental day. But now, we’ve got 450 followers, so I don’t think I need to be so slow to move things along. We’re going to be doing things faster, and getting things ready earlier, so that the anthology can be out further ahead of the P4A.

This was perhaps my biggest miscalculation. I thought before that putting the anthology out close to the P4A meant that it would raise awareness and be part of the buzz, but instead it kind of got caught up in all the buzz, and in the end was a little overshadowed by it. Not that we’re unhappy that the P4A did so well, and was so amazing, of course not. It just made it more difficult for us to contribute, which means we need to rethink how best to make this project work.

So, with that in mind, I’m making the following announcements. The prompt for the DFTBA Short Story Contest 2013 will be announced on… the 31st of January! Four weeks from today! And you’ll have from that day until… the 31st of August, to write a story for it. Now that’s not to say that we’ll be twiddling our thumbs waiting for your replies in all that time. They’ll be the logo contest again, as well as lots of administrative things to sort out, including…

Part 2: Judges!

They won’t be this scary, we promise.

As per last year, we’re looking for people to pass judgement over the stories, and write up reviews and overviews for the winners (last years winners will be getting their stuff soon, don’t worry!). If anyone is interested, or who knows someone who might be, please send an email to


and put “DFTBA-SSC Judge 2013” in the subject line. Explain what writing qualifications you have, if you’ve been published or you teach writing, or study it etc, and we’ll get back to you about whether we’d like your help. Of course, we’ll be extending the same opportunity to all of last years judges, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to join them. I’m looking forward very much to hearing from you. Hope you all have had a pleasant start to your new year, and that your Christmas was wonderful.

God Bless, Best Wishes, and DFTBA!


Hello all! I promised a news-post, and so I shall deliver. Today’s news-post comes to you in SIX parts, so lets get to it.

Part one: Entrance fees

So we have several pieces of news on the entrance fee front. I can tell you now that the entrance fee will be…


Now if you’re wondering why it is that rather specific amount, you’re probably not alone. The reason is to do with the service that we are using to make the entrance fee possible. That service is Eventbrite and they are charging us $1.12 per sale to make use of their service. So for every person who enters, we are donating $5 to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck. Given my initial prediction of the price being somewhere between $4-$8 USD, I think this is a reasonable compromise. What will happen when it comes to submissions is that in order to confirm, when you do submit, that you have indeed contributed, you’ll be asked to send in your email, a copy of your Eventbrite receipt for the event. You’ll be pleased to know you will be able to buy tickets very soon. Specifically, they will be available after the conclusion of the logo competition, which will be over on the 15th February (I’ve decided to shorten it to one week of voting).  Also, to make this easier for everyone, the payments will be received via the magic of

Yes! I figured this was the easiest way for everyone to get involved. Its a system everyone is used to, familiar with and thus will make it the best way for as many people to get involved as possible.

Part two: Thank you

This is a small part, but just a brief thank you to the people over at FrenchThePodcast for giving our contest a shout-out on their show. I’ve been in contact with them over a couple of messages, and they’ve said that we will probably talk more soon and again when more details have been finalised. There are of course, many many more people who we need to thank for the many and various things they are doing for this contest, and at apropriate moments, such thanks will be given out. Expect this section to become a regular part of the news feed on this tumblr!

Part three: Judges

So since my last news-post our numbers have gone up rather a good deal and I wanted to give a brief refresher on the people that the panel of judges currently consists of. In order of their arrival on the panel, they start as follows.

Marcy Collier - A professional critic for the Western Pennsylvania branch of the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators as well as being the editor of the Golden Penn newsletter (a blog she regularly contributes to can be found here and her twitter is here).

Katie Biela -  English Literature teacher in one of America’s top ten preparatory schools.

Sean Totterdell - Co-editor in chief of DFTBA News a tumblr with such accomplishments as an in-depth and intriguing interview with Hank Green on the subject of Education.

Jonathan David Lim & the Bullet Reviews team - The writers and editors of a website providing insightful, succinct and clear reviews of books, films and games.

Now I think you’ll agree that this is a rather stellar list, but I am looking for more people. I’m thinking we have a maximum of three more slots available. Before I had said I wanted twelve, but on reflection that seemed too unwieldy. Now I’ve had some very interesting applications from several very interesting people, but I am once again reminding people to say that, if you want to be a judge, send an email saying why you think you would make a good judge for this contest to


Previously I have said that I would be accepting these emails until the 8th April, but to speed things along for various reasons, I’m going to cut that time down. You have until the new end of the logo competition, that’s February 15th, to be sending me your Nerdfighter judging CV/Resume!

Part four: The logo contest

If you’re a regular follower of this blog then you may be possibly getting a little tired of hearing about this now, since it’s practically all the blog has consisted of for the last few weeks. But I’d just like to say that I’ve been really amazed and impressed with everyone’s entries and also just the sheer number of people who have taken to their pens and graphics editing suites to take part. I’m really glad of everyone’s involvement, and it’s been a really great part of the contest. Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to the final result. Remember though… YOU STILL HAVE ONE DAY LEFT! Just over in fact! If you’re wanting to take part, click here!

Part five: The dream of a physical book…

From the begining of this project, I’ve made it very clear that this will be, when published, an anthology on the format of an E-book. The reason being is that I know for a fact it is something I can do. Using formats like Smashwords and Amazon, I can very simply arrange it so that I can publish this anthology as a Kindle E-book. However… it would be really great if we could… possibly… maybe… just… get this published some way or some how, as a real world physical book to go into bookshops around the world.

With that in mind, I’m proposing another e-mail campaign. Specificly, one to John Green’s literary agent, Jodi Reamer (who interestingly, is also the agent of Stephanie Meyer). My thinking is that if she represents John Green, she might be quite happy to also represent Nerdfighteria and it’s literary creation, if enough people expressed an interest in her doing so. If you too would like to see the DFTBA Short Story Anthology 2012 become a physical book also


And put as the subject of your E-mail “DFTBA Short Story Anthology 2012”, and in the body of your message, tell her about the contest, about what it’s trying to do, and that you would think it would be great if it is made into a physical book!

Also, while we’re on the subject of e-mail campaigns…

Part six: Operation John Green!

We’re still looking for the possibility of John Green being a judge on this contest. I’ve contacted him, and I suspect others of you have too, but we have still not heard anything like a yay or nay on this prospect. If you want to tell him you’d like him to be involved, please e-mail him at


If you’ve read all the way down to here, I thank you very much for your patience and interest! If you have any questions about anything I’ve posted here, please leave me a message! Best wishes to one and all, and, of course…



Greetings fellow Tumblrer writing fans, today’s post comes to you in two exciting parts! So lets be going!

Part 1: Wow! Hello!

So there I was on the evening of the 12th of December, at around six fifteen in the evening, UK time (because…that’s where I am) and a friend was coming over, and we had some things to talk about, but just before he arrived, I thought “I’ll just see how the contest Tumblr is doing” as I hadn’t checked it much that day. My eyes widened massively when from the sixty we had had that morning, I suddenly now saw we were at seventy eight.

About ten minutes after that, we were at eighty three, then ninety one, then ninety five. This perpetual rise kept coming, sailing us well past one hundred. It didn’t really peter out until the following morning, when I found us at two hundred and eighteen. Now we’re at two hundred and thirty three, last I counted.

Naturally, although I had prayed for something like this (as I am a Christian, and being charity, I know that this is the kind of thing God likes) I had to figure there was a specific cause (I believe God does like to work through specific causes). And there was. Thanks to a recommendation from effyeahnerdfighterbooks that was later rebloged by the illustrious effyeahnerdfighters themselves, we now had a whole new massive, made of awesome crowd of Nerdfighters comming over to see what it was we were all about. And from all accounts, they seemed to like it!

So welcome one and all! I am very happy and very amazed to have you all here, and in such great numbers! It’s really very very encouraging and it means we are going to have an awesome contest here!

Part 2: We could use some help!

One or two of the questions that came to me after the sudden flood of new followers, were to the effect of

- Wouldn’t it be awesome if John Green were a judge!

- Couldn’t you publish the anthology through DFTBA (records)?

Now the answer to both of these questions, is of course, yes. It’d be great if John Green was on board, and I’d be amazing if we could publish the anthology through DFTBA records.

I have contacted Alan Lastufka via the e-mail page on the DFTBA records website, and I have sent John Green e-mails once or twice previously, but thus far no avail. Though his website assures me that he reads all the e-mails he receives, he’s been a very busy man lately what with the arrival of TFIOS onto everyone’s bookshelves (for the few uninitiated, that stands for “The Fault In Our Stars”, John Green’s latest novel) and the Tour De Nerdfighting swinging him around the outer edge of the continental US and parts of Canada. Thus, I don’t think I’ll be getting an answer from him for a little while…but we might.

If people would like John Green to be on the judging panel for this contest, and if people would like the e-book anthology to be published via DFTBA records, then I have one suggestion. Tell them!

John Green’s email is johngreenwritesbooks[AT]gmail[DOT]com

DFTBA records can be reached at dftbarecords[AT]gmail[DOT]com

And in both cases if you put “DFTBA SSC!” into the subject line, maybe if they get several E-mails all asking the same thing, we may well get some attention.

Now if people don’t want that, IE they’d rather have other judges or other ways of buying the E-book anthology, I understand. I’m quite fond of these ideas, but I’m willing to bet that some of you arn’t. So this is just something for those who want to do it. Vote with your feet! Or in the computer age, your fingers, I guess. I’m not going to be telling anyone to do anything. But if people would like this, please! Go right on ahead.

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Best wishes, and of course…




Good morning fellow tumblrers, we’re going two up from the last post as this update comes to you in five parts, lets get right to it!

Part 1: News

So three little pieces of contest news. Firstly, we’re up to thirty six followers on Tumblr, thank you very much to you all! Secondly, we now have a new link location. On the Nerdfighters Ning, if you hover your mouse over the tab button marked “NF Projects” you will see a tab for this project descend, and link you directly here. Thanks very much to the Ningmaster known as “The Lone Wanderer” for his help on that one. Thirdly, the contest now has its own dedicated e-mail address.


This will be important in posts to come. Lets move on.

Part 2: Familiar faces, new roles

Because this is a big project, and because a fair bit of it involves things that I don’t know how to do, there’s going to be one or two other people on board. Today, I’m pleased to announce that Chris Dolman, the man who did the excellent video discussing initial details of the project, to be our head web design man. Although I’m a dab hand with Tumblr, this chap has the much more daunting task of creating our own dedicated web site, specificity for the contest, with specific sections which can only be accessed by people who have submitted their entrance fee. That’s really important I feel, since really, this is as much about charity as it is about writing, and I really don’t want people who are participating who arn’t entering into the spirit of both parts of what we’re about here.

Part 3: Definite dates

So I know that in the last post I said that we were thinking that we’d probably do this from between October 2nd and November 2nd but people have, in discussions on this, said two things to me.

- Why wait so long!

- That’s cutting it a bit fine, isn’t it?

Now originally, the reason I wanted to wait was because I wanted to link it in directly to the project for awesome, and also I was thinking that this was a big project, which would take a lot of organising, and would be very very difficult to get done. But then I stopped and thought, and I realised that there are only really two big obstacles that need to be got over before the contest can start. Getting all the judges sorted, and getting the website up and running.

So with that in mind, now that Mr Dolman is on board and helping us out, I’m pleased to say that I have a definite date for when the contest is going to start. This is going to be the date that the prompt for the contest is revealed, the website is going to go live and when you can start submitting your stories. And that date is…

April 21st!

And the contest will close on…

October 2nd

And the results will be out on…

Well that one’s trickier. It mainly involves how many people will be entering. Hopefully though, it will be before December 17th, and so in time for the Project for Awesome.

Part 4: A contest within a contest

So as I’ve said before, I’d like this to be something that Nerdfighters take part in on every level, as much as is possible. This isn’t just going to be something for people who like writing. Therefore, what I’d like to do is to open up a very important part of the contest to the wider Nerdfighter community, or at least, to a different slice of it. I’d like the attention of anyone interested in…

Graphic Design

We’re looking for people to design the logo for the DFTBA short story contest of 2012. And as far as I can tell, that’s the only real hard and fast rule. The logo has to contain the words “DFTBA Short Story Contest 2012”. Beyond that, we’re pretty free and easy. For contest submission & information, go here

The deadline for this part of the contest will be…

February 8th

Whereupon, I will select a number of the best of the submissions, to be voted on by the wider nerdfighter community. The voting for this will close on…

February 22nd

So that will be the day that everyone knows what the contest’s logo will be

A couple of guidelines. Remember, this is part of the Nerdfighter community, so using images and symbols that Nerdfighteria is familiar with, will be a good route to go down. The nerd hands gesture, puppy sized elephants, french the Llamma etc.

Also, its for charity, so if you could incorperate that, it would be good too. Maybe also use some of the fonts that have been used for other things, or take design ideas from past logos, that sort of thing.

Finally, although the rule is that you must include the words “DFTBA Short Story Contest 2012” in the logo, if you can make a logo that could easily have part of it be made a kind of…icon… a little picture that by itself could be the symbol for the contest, that would be good too. There probably is a technical name for that, I’m not sure.

None of these ideas are hard and fast rules. If you create something great that breaks them all, all the better for us and you. These are just thoughts that I had. I stopped doing graphic design when I was 16, so don’t consider me an expert on that!

Also, one final note, you will be credited, and there is a very very good chance we will ask you to design the front cover for the anthology, when it is released, also!

Part 5: More judges! Nerdfighter judges!

So as you know, we already have two excellent judges lined up! Marcy Collier and Katie Biela, but I’m thinking…more…

Specificity, as one person mentioned earlier in their question, we need some nerdfighter judges. This should be a contest run by nerdfighters, for nerdfighters (although others are of course allowed in). Now I’m still in contact with other groups who themselves are outside the nerdfighter community, but who would be more than eminently suitable for this task, but there is nothing wrong with making this more in house also.

However, we should keep in mind that the role of a judge is one that comes with some degree of authority, and as I’m sure you’ll agree, as editor of a magazine that reviews books, and as an English Lit teacher at one of the USAs best prep schools, Ms Biela and Ms Collier are eminently qualified. The thing is, out there, I’m sure there are plenty of other very qualified people, but for the task of judging stories like this, you really do have to be qualified in some way.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a teacher or an editor. Maybe you’ve read and reviewed many a book for a personal site. Maybe your a well practiced beta reader, who’s helped many stories reach their full potential. Maybe you’ve written a lot and feel you would be well placed to be able to look at others work and tell where its good, where it’s bad and what would make it better. Maybe you’ve got a keen reading eye, and noticed my earlier spelling mistake with “your” and “you’re” etc.

The point is, you are out there, nerdfighter judges! So come forth! We’ll be selecting a total of twelve of you (just like in a real jury) so there are ten spots left. Please e-mail the following address and include a resume/CV of why you think you are qualified to be a judge on the DFTBA short story contest of 2012. Include as much detail as you can. Also, put the word “JUDGE” in all caps as part of the subject line.


The deadline for judges entries will be…

April 8th

After that, the judges will be announced on…

April 21st

When the website goes live.

There’s been a lot of dates in this post, so to clarify with a calander at the bottom here.

January 8th - Opening of the contest for designing a logo, and opening of positions to be in the panel of Nerdfighter judges

February 8th - Deadline for submitting a design for the logo

February 22nd - Last day of voting for which logo design will become the official one for the contest

April 8th - Deadline for submitting a CV/Resume applying for a Nerdfighter judging position.

April 21st - The main, dedicated website goes live, the judges are announced, the prompt is revealed and people can begin entering.

October 2nd - The deadline for the last story entrant.

Hope that has clarified things for everyone! If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

Best wishes, and as always, DFTBA.


Good morning fellow tumblrers, today’s tumblr post comes to you in three parts, lets get right to it.

Part 1: News

So, its been two days since we launched this campaign to organise a short story contest for/with the nerdfighter community, and already there has been significant progress.

  • At time of writing this, we have twenty five followers on the tumblr here.
  • We’ve been featured on the Ning, both on the front page of the blogs section, and the in the discussion and debate section, where we’re talking about the best ways to sort out some of the details of the contest.
  • We have TWO interested judges. Marcy Collier (a blog she regularly contributes to can be found here and her twitter is here) who is a professional critic for the Western Pennsylvania branch of the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators and is the editor of the Golden Penn newsletter, and Katie Biela, an English Literature teacher in one of America’s top ten preparatory schools.
  • We have initiated contact with two other groups of potential judges. I can’t say any more about that at this time, but both are very interesting and I’m very excited about their potential involvement.

This is all very good news, and although there is very much still to do, this is all very encouraging. Please do keep following the news on this tumblr, an please do let any other creative writer friends know about what’s happening here!

Part 2: Charity!

I’ve decided how we are very definitely going to get the nerdfighter community directly linked with this event, in the form of the charity we shall be raising for. I’ve said before that many of the parts of this contest will be submitted to a vote, and what better way to submit this part of it to a vote than to link our proceeds raised directly to this year’s Project For Awesome!

We’ll be donating the proceeds from both the sale of the anthology and the entrance fees to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck. This money will then be part of the collective funds that will be voted on by the nerdfighter community as a whole to decide which charities will be supported that year.

This is, in my view, the best way to make sure that this is a project that all of Nerdfighteria can be involved with in some way. Even if you don’t take part directly, you can still be involved in the decision of where the money goes, by taking part in the Project for Awesome 2012.

Part 3: Possible dates

In terms of dates of the contest, I have some ideas for dates, but these are still very very fluid. Right now, I’m thinking that the contest should begin on October 2nd 2012. AKA DFTBA day. To explain, October 2nd is the first time that we heard the initialism DFTBA on Brotherhood 2.0 (the original incarnation of the Vlogbrothers project). You can see it mentioned towards the end of this video. So on October 2nd, the prompt will be announced and those who have paid their entrance fees will be able to begin writing their stories. The actual opening of the website for people to pay their entrance fees will happen a good deal sooner, hopefully around May-July time, but I digress. Then everyone will have one month, until November 2nd, to write their stories. This will then give the judges just over one month to make their decisions, and would give me and any other organisers, what little time there is left to put together the Kindle anthology, and publish it before the Project for Awesome begins.

Now it should be stressed at this point that everything I’ve just said about dates is NOTHING but a list of guesses. We don’t yet know all of who the judges will be, we don’t know how available they will be, and most importantly, we don’t know how many people will be entering. If say fifty people enter, that will mean that everything I’ve said will probably be quite possible, but if one thousand and fifty people enter, that’s a very different matter. Either way, we’re still very much at the beginning of all of this, so please keep following, keep reading and watching, and more information will be coming to you forthwith!

Best wishes & DFTBA


A short video describing some the contest’s details thus far! Thank you Chris Dolman!